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Learn Chinese at China's Professional Chinese Language School And Mandarin Club - China's first choice for backpackers and independent travelers.Da Li Ruth is a private company in China that promotes cultural exchange through clubs for language learning and Chinese cooking.Today,DaLi Ruth has employees,teachers,and voluteers from Da Li University.With offices located within the local Bai Village of Da Li in China's Yunnan province.DaLi Ruth has a traditional Bai flavor .For travelers and independent tourists who are looking for a friendly atmosphere,clean room,soft beds,Chinese cooking courses,Chinese langauge course,and a stunning view of the Changshang Mountains and Er Hai Lake,Da Li Ruth is the hottest place to stay in China.

Mandarin Club,

One of the best Chinese Language clubs for those who want to travel,live and work in China.This Club,especially organized for travelers and backpackers,meets on-site and offsite to help travelers pick up basic Chinese language communication skills. It provides opportunities for members to practice their Chinese while sight-seeing in China.

Mandarin Club's goal is to cultivate the members's ability to communicate in Mandarin.We believe teaching materials should be learner-centered.

We mainly use a teaching method called TPRS, which is based on the theories of Stephen Krashen.Our instructors spend a lot of time modeling Mandarin,showing rather than explaining.During the first phase of the course,we have our members focus on listening and reading,with lots of repetition. Members typically spend almost a week completing this phase;that's how long it usually takes for them to get familiar with mandarin's sentence structure.During the sencond phase,we have them practise speaking and writing. For members who like to use textbooks to help them learn, we recommend Boya Chinese published by Beijing Univeristy as well as New Practical Chinese Reader.

For members who don't wish to be confined to textbooks, our instructors use Chinese fairy tales,fables,and movies.For those who prefer to design their own curriculum,our instructors can provide assistance.

Ruth English Club,

Since we also offer English courses for Chinese children at the local Bai village, travelers will have a chance to have fun with village children in Dali.

We organize language clubs and cooking club in DaLi, Yunnan China.

Chinese Cooking Club ,

Located in a village of Bai people, Dali Ruth offers interesting cooking courses for the travelers to experience authentic Chinese cuisine.


Mark James Smith [UK,Bsc International Relations (L.S.E) 17 O3 2013]

Tao Laoshi has been the best Chinese language teacher that I have learnt from in China! Her style contain confidence and well-planned structure,( I appreciate teachers who can be "strict"),as well as patience, attentiveness and humor,Perhaps these skills are the result of her rich traveling experiences amongst other cultures .Thank you Tao Laoshi!

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